[So my ex, Josh and I got bored tonight while I was watching Frozen. Jokingly he sends me some lyrics, set to the tune of Do You Wanna Build A Snow Man? aaaand we kind of just… ran with it. Hope you guys get a giggle of it!

Yes we know it needs a little work. Just keep in mind that we aren’t professionals by any means.]


Do you wanna kill some Lessers?

Come on let’s go kick some ass.

We never fight them anymore,

no more are my muscles sore.

Don’t give me any saaaaaaass

We used to waste the Lessers

But now we don’t,

Our blades remain locked awaaaaaay,

Do you wanna kill some Lessers? (Or we can go to Screamers)

Fuck off, Butch…

Okay, byeee…


Do you wanna kill some Lessers?

Or go work out in the Gym?

I think a brawl is over due,

I’ve started drinkin’ freakin’ giiiin.

(You hid all the fuckin’ Scotch)

It gets a little boring

watching these nights drag byyyyy




Please, I know you’re in there,

People are asking “Where’s the king”,

Z says to leave you be,

And I’m trying to…

But the booze is gone!

What are we gonna dooo?

Do you wanna kill some Lessers…?


And we can’t be more happy now :D


And we can’t be more happy now :D

Don’t forget, Sinners Mine! As with every new release, there is a two week spoiler ban in place! Please refrain from posting questions or confessions about The King for the next two weeks… That way, everyone gets the chance to read and enjoy!

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other - six vampire warriors, defenders of their race.

Listen everyone and listen well,

T is a very good friend of mine and is one of the nicest people I know. I read through a lot of the posts before she makes them the images that go up. I’ve read them through and what she does and does not put up.

She may not be gay, but she is definitely not homophobic for posting those. She has put up Qhuay and Vutch posts alike. Do you know how much it hurts to know that she has shed tears because people are blaming her/us for the posts. We try to post everything, and I feel like if I’m not offended, being a part of the gay community {my beautiful fiancé is a girl}, then people need to calm down. I know I’m not everyone within the community and I know I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s not fair to blame the blog. If you don’t like it, don’t reblog. Don’t come to us getting angry. Be upset and be on your way. If you’re that truly upset, unfollow the blog.

Personally, if I end up seeing plain, and blatantly rude things to us, the mods, I’m going to block you. Even if you’re anon, I will still block you. Fair and square to us. If we accidentally hurt you, that doesn’t mean you have to hurt us. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We do try to post every post, but sometimes tumblr eats it and we have almost 100 messages in the ask, between confessions, love messages, and way too many hate ones.

On a final note, we have turned off the anon option. Anon is a privilege, not a right, and when you all have earned that right back, then we can turn it back on. The image options never give away the poster and that will stay that way. However, if you have something harsh to say then say it off of anon. But I will say, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be reported and/or blocked. It’s cruel how we’ve been treated. If there’s stuff in the queue still it will post other than that? We’ll see you all when we feel better.

Thanks to the followers that are boosting us and trying to make us feel better and we’re sorry that other people have ruined it for you.

Much love.


I’m taking a break for a while. The hate is too much. I’m sick of watching you all tear each other apart because you simply can’t agree to disagree. I try to stick up for people who put their opinions out there, no matter what, and in the end, it’s not just the confessor who gets bashed… It’s me.

I started this blog in the hopes of building a community and bringing people together… I guess I built my hopes too high. I’m not going to pour my life and my time and effort into something that hurts my heart.

Hiatus and self-healing starts now.

I know there is already two daughters in the Brotherhood mansion… but I’m still hoping that Wrath and Beth have a baby girl that will grow up to be Queen.

I know there is already two daughters in the Brotherhood mansion… but I’m still hoping that Wrath and Beth have a baby girl that will grow up to be Queen.

I cannot believe in a few days, I will have a SIGNED copy of a book by my favorite author from my absolute favorite series. I am soo happy you just don’t know!!!

I cannot believe in a few days, I will have a SIGNED copy of a book by my favorite author from my absolute favorite series. I am soo happy you just don’t know!!!

I know you say you want to be fair to everyone and post all the confessions but do you really think its okay to post such blatantly homophobic confessions? They don't do anything to bring the BDB community here together. They're just hateful and make people uncomfortable. I already get enough messages from the media that not everything "needs" LGBT characters, that we aren't wanted in "straight people spaces" I don't need it in one of the few mainstream romance series that has LGBT characters

Okay, I understand what you’re saying.  I really do.  But I made a promise when I started this page that YES, I REALLY WILL POST ALL THE CONFESSIONS.  I try to edit the bashing out and keep the essence of what the person is saying, but it’s their opinion.  It wouldn’t be fair of me to just post the confessions I like or that I think people won’t argue over. 

It’s fine for people to disagree with confessions.  THEY’RE OPINIONS.  Not everyone is going to agree.  But it is NOT okay for people to bash, cuss out, bully, or degrade others for their opinions.  So please, if you disagree and feel you absolutely have to say something about it, be respectful.  That’s all I ask.

What did you mean with stop the bashing? :o

A person made a confession that they didn’t like the gay couples.  All of a sudden, I’m seeing comments on said confession and other messages being sent in about how that person is dumb or how they should shut the fuck up about their opinion because the WARDen can write whatever she wants…

I’M DONE POLICING THIS.  You guys should know better.  

I mean it.